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Our E-assist program is ideal for the small business owner. Our system allows you to track and submit income and expenses to our E-assist portal.

Rest assured that E-assist is operated by a team of experienced and certified professionals, ensuring reliable and expert financial management for your business.


E-assist offers an affordable solution for businesses with annual revenue of under $50,000, with competitive monthly pricing starting at just $45.00.

E-assist is the go-to financial management solution for startups and businesses in any industry. Its adaptable features and user-friendly interface provide essential tools to track income, manage expenses, and drive sustainable growth.

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At just $45.00 a month, E-assist offers an extraordinary value proposition for small businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of services that ensure impeccable compliance and financial order. Compared to attempting to manage these critical tasks with little to no knowledge, E-assist emerges as the ultimate solution for small business owners. By leveraging advanced technology and a team of skilled professionals, E-assist saves valuable time and resources and guarantees accurate and efficient handling of compliance requirements and financial matters. This indispensable support empowers small business owners to focus on growth and core operations, secure in the knowledge that E-assist is the optimal choice to navigate the complexities of regulatory demands and financial intricacies, paving the way for long-term success
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What We Offer

E-assist is your all-in-one solution, encompassing everything you need to run a successful business. E-assist equips you with the essential tools and resources to thrive in today's competitive landscape, from streamlined financial management to real-time insights and expert support.

Tax Tips & More

E-assist keeps you informed and empowered with weekly tax tips, 411 tax updates, seminars, and monthly newsletters, ensuring you stay up-to-date and equipped with valuable financial knowledge.

Business Forms

E-assist offers a collection of helpful business forms that simplify administrative tasks and documentation. These readily available forms save you time and effort, ensuring smooth business operations.

Task Manager

E-assist Compliance Task Manager simplifies the compliance process. Our user-friendly interface helps you stay organized, track progress, and mitigate compliance risks effectively.

Expense Reporting

E-assist streamlines expense reporting with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface. Effortlessly manage costs, generate detailed reports, and make informed financial decisions for your business.
Who we serve

Empowering Every Industry and Business Owner

No matter your industry, E-assist is the ultimate solution for streamlining your financial management. With its versatile features and intuitive interface, E-assist empowers business owners from every sector to effortlessly track, manage, and optimize their finances, saving time and unlocking their true potential for success.


Transform your manufacturing business with E-assist, revolutionizing financial management. Streamline income and expenses, gain real-time insights, and propel growth with our tailored solution for the manufacturing industry.


Elevate your financial management as an entrepreneur in the healthcare business with E-assist. Simplify income and expenses, access real-time insights, and accelerate growth with our tailored platform designed specifically for healthcare startups and more.


Simplify financial management for all professionals in the entertainment industry, including freelancers and those on 1099. Streamline income and expenses, gain real-time insights, and fuel growth with our tailored solution, designed to meet the unique needs of the diverse entertainment sector.


Optimize financial management for your tech business with E-assist, revolutionizing processes such as R&D expense tracking and software licensing costs. Unlock the full potential of your tech venture with our efficient financial management powered by E-assist.


Empower your retail business with seamless financial management using E-assist. Streamline income and expense tracking, access real-time insights, and drive growth with our tailored solution to help you scale your business effortlessly.


Streamline financial management for professionals in the educational field. Simplify income and expenses, gain real-time insights, and optimize growth with our tailored solution, designed to meet the unique needs of educators and those working in the education industry.

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What Our Clients Say

Customers love E-assist for its efficiency and convenience in managing their finances. The real-time insights and expert support provided by E-assist have received high praise from customers, enabling them to make informed business decisions and achieve financial success.

"E-assist revolutionized my consulting business's financial management. With its streamlined system and automated tracking, I saved time and eliminated manual data entry. Real-time insights and seamless integration allowed me to make informed decisions and focus on delivering exceptional value to my clients. E-assist is a game-changer!"
James Dawson
"E-assist transformed my catering business's financial management. With its user-friendly platform, I effortlessly tracked income and expenses, saving time and effort. Real-time insights and seamless integration allowed me to focus on culinary experiences while staying financially organized. Highly recommended for chefs and catering professionals!"
Taylor Moore
Private Chef
"E-assist has been a game-changer for my store's financial management. With its intuitive platform, I easily track income and expenses, saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy. The real-time insights and seamless integration provided by E-assist have empowered me to make informed decisions and drive my business's growth. It's a must-have tool for any store owner."
Danica Monroe
Store Owner

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Stay informed with the latest updates and insights in the E-assist news section. Discover valuable articles, tips, and industry trends to enhance your financial management knowledge and empower your business's success.